What Can We Do for You

We help our clients build and protect wealth through knowledge, experience, and professional resources.  As investment and insurance professionals, we track top quality, well-established products to meet your future retirement objectives. Working with you, your tax person, and a living trust attorney, we help get your financial house in order.
  • Retirement Income

    New Accounts & Transfers

    • Deductible/Non-Deductible Traditional or Roth IRAs
    • SEP IRAs
    • 403(b) and Rollovers
    • Roth 401(k) set ups and rollovers
    • Pension and Profit Sharing Rollovers
    • Personal/Single K Plans
    • Consolidation of Accounts
    • Social Security Information
  • Insurance & Annuities

    • Whole Life, Variable (VUL) or Term Life
    • Fixed or variable annuities Single Premium Immediate Annuties (SPIA)
    • Long-Term Care & Hybrid Products
    • Medicare Information
  • Savings

    Long-Term & Short-Term

    • Non-IRA Accounts (with or without tax deferment)
      ✓ For Income
      ✓  For Growth
      ✓  Money Markets
  • Education

    • Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESA)
    • 529 Plans/College Bound Funds
  • Gifting

    • UTMA/UGMA/CUTMAs (Gifts to Minors)
    • Charitable Gifting
  • We guide you to help create and manage your wealth.